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Teo ceramicas was founded in Medellín, Colombia in 1990 and has been producing useful and simple but refined handcrafted objects since then.

Along with its hand painted products, Teo has developed a particular and special finishing applied to its objects, named Terra Teo. The Terra Teo is derived from Teo's research on the Greek-Roman technique called Terra Sigillata and the Precolumbian engobes. This is why the terra finishings are very original and elegantly sober.

Teo uses the best pastes and smalts available in the market for high quality handcrafted ceramic products.

Teo distinguishes itself for being a very creative and flexible Company prepared and able to develop new products according to its clients' tastes and needs. From the personalized tableware all the way to the exclusive Corporate ware with institutional logotype.

Export: Due to its craftsmanship, Teo has an export production capacity of aproximately 20.000 items per month.

Itagüi (Medellín - Colombia)
Cra. 46 N 54-51
Tel. 2778939 - Telefax 277 24 86